Steve Ball


Steve has dedicated himself to the automotive Point of Sale industry for 3 decades. He started as a POS estimator (pricing POS jobs) with a natural progression to Sales, managing relationships with UK/Europe auto brands and their marketing agencies. His enthusiasm and knowledge became the foundation for Proaction, which he formed in 2001. Steve has since grown the client portfolio internationally and has progressively evolved the product range. Proaction now has the enviable reputation as market leader, earning the respect of auto brands the world over.


Steve is a family man with a love of sport. His energetic approach to life is reflected in his passion for playing, watching and talking sport. He is a keen cyclist and a long distance runner. He has successfully completed the London and New York marathons (3hrs 36 and 3hrs 40 respectively) and now has his sights set on Boston and Chicago.


Mike Knaggs

Sales Director

Mike graduated from Coventry University with a degree in transport design, and from the University of Life with a Master’s in business development. Mike has a long affiliation with the automotive sector, throughout his childhood he raced go-karts around the circuits of Europe, earning him the crown of ‘British Junior Champion’. But back to work… Mike has immersed himself in a range of sales and business development roles in industry sectors ranging from print to commercial management. He never takes his foot off the pedal and has enjoyed commercial success in IndyCar, World Superbikes and the glamorous world of Formula 1.


Mike is an attentive watcher of sport and can often be overheard explaining the rules of American Football to fellow Brits. He’s a distance runner and is working up to his first serious marathon. Mike is also a compulsive buyer of highly unsuitable used cars.


Miles Moorhouse

Operations Director

Some people live by the expression ‘for the love of cars’. Miles is one of them. He had a classic marketing education in the agency powerhouses of Ogilvy & Mather and Grey London, where he was a key player in any automotive client who walked through the door. Wanting to get even more immersed in the industry he moved client-side with marketing roles at Volkswagen Group, Mercedes-Benz and, for good measure, a spell in used car superstores where he gained invaluable sharp-end retail experience. Miles brings to the team an intimate understanding of brands, marketing strategies, corporate processes and, most importantly, a passion for linking the customer journey from on-line to off-line.


With a young excitable family, free time is a valuable commodity and Miles spends it wisely on his enthusiasm for cars and bikes, especially American hotrods.